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Delegation of development assessment powers to Isaac Regional Council

The Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) has agreed to a request from Isaac Regional Council (IRC) to delegate development assessment within the PDA to the council.

From 3 May 2016, IRC is responsible for assessing any development applications on behalf of the MEDQ. All development applications will continue to be assessed against the Moranbah PDA Development Scheme under the Economic Development Act 2012 (ED Act).

What happens to existing development approvals within the Moranbah PDA?

All existing development approvals remain in effect.

What happens to current applications at the time of delegation?

All current applications are delegated to IRC for assessment, except those which have been properly made which remain with EDQ to minimise disruption to the applicant.

How do I lodge a new application once delegation has commenced?

All new development applications are to be lodged with IRC. Further details on IRC's lodgement process can be found on its website at

Will the development scheme continue to apply?

Yes, development applications will continue to be assessed against the Moranbah development scheme under the ED Act. The MEDQ has requested IRC to prepare a new planning scheme for the local government area including the area covered by the PDA. The development scheme will be revoked when the planning scheme is approved. There will be opportunities for the community to be involved in the planning scheme preparation.

Who will assess compliance and undertake plan sealing for existing PDA approvals?

Compliance assessment and plan sealing will be undertaken by IRC.

What if I want to lodge a change to an approval granted by the department?

Changes to approval applications are to be lodged with IRC.

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